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PLASTILUX - durable glazed plastic wall finish

PLASTILUX is a tough resilient finish which is used to provide bright decorative and very hard wearing jointless wall surface. It combines many of the qualities of EMALUX with lower cost due to easier application technique.

PLASTILUX provides a satisfactory alternative to EMALUX, while the formation of the end product is different is similar is many respects to EMALUX.

USES OF: PLASTILUX is ideal for school corridors, classrooms, toilets, factory canteens, cloakrooms, but we do not recommend it for showers, steamy kitchens or areas where there is a corrosive atmosphere. In short for the most severe conditions EMALUX is best.

PREPARATION: The preparation for PLASTILUX is similar for that for EMALUX in that we require a snad and cement screed, mixed 3-1 and finished with a wood float without a nap. The quality of this surface should be as fine as possible. Coarse sand for instance gives a grained effect which she shows through the finished product. All arrises should be left pencil round.

PLASTILUX can also be applied to chip board but our advice should be sought before specifying its application to any other material.


TESTS: SUMMARY of Test R6/1339 carried out by the Institute of Industrial Research and Standards.

  • Resistance - to 2.5% continuous Salt Spray - result after 250 hours -the green film was firm ; there was no loss in gloss and there was no colour change
  • Resistance - to 50% Sulphuric Acid - result after 16 hours - complete destruction of coating.
  • Resistance - to 10% Acetic Acid - result after 16 hours - no effect.
  • Resistance - to 10% Nitric Acid - result after 16 hours - no effect.
  • Resistance - to 2% Tide Solution in water - result after 16 hours - no effect.
  • Resistance - to accelerated weathering - result after 500 hours - the green base colour showed no change in colour and no loss of gloss.

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