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Developed in Collaboration with Crest D.I.T. and General Paints.

The STERILUX / HYGEN ULTRA ANTI-MICROBIAL System has been specially designed to meet the need for a decorative / protective coating which will comply with the stringent requirements of sterile and hygienic environments. STERILUX/ HYGEN ULTRA provides a tough, seam-free surface, with high resistance to damage from impact or abrasion and will withstand the effects of aggressive cleaning process normally employed in sterile zones. 

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Hospitals, operating theatres, surgeries, mortuaries, food, drink and drug processing plants, computer rooms, micro processing plants, laboratories 

RESISTANCE: Silver is a naturally occurring element that, when used as directed, has been proven safe and effective in fighting a wide range of microbes. Silver ions display a multi-modal action at low concentrations and exhibit a low microbial resistance level. The active ingredient in STERILUX/HyGen attacks multiple targets in the microbe to prevent it from growing to a destructive population. This tri-modal action fights cell growth in three ways; by preventing respiration by inhibiting functions of the cell wall, by inhibiting cell division (reproduction) and by disrupting the metabolic function of the cell, while displaying no toxic effects on humans, animals or plants. 

COLOURS: Available in a pastel range. 

TESTING: The Centre for Research in Engineering Surface Technology, (CREST) in partnership with Dublin Institute of Technology independently tested 3 anti-microbial coatings for scrub resistance and antibacterial activity. SCRUB RESISTANCE TEST RESULTS BS7719: The scrub resistance testing was performed according to the British Standard, BS7719, up to 2,000 cycles. Three different scrub agents were employed: 70% Isopropyl alcohol (IPA solution), Hibicet and Soludoz.

The pass criterion in <2mg/cm2 weight loss for each sample tested.

  • IPA: HyGen Ultra weight loss after 2,000 scrubs - 0.55mg/cm2
  • Hibicet: HyGen Ultra weight loss after 2,000 scrubs - 0.84 mg/cm2
  • Soludoz: HyGen Ultra weight loss after 2,000 scrubs - 0.55mg/cm2

ANTIBACTERIAL DATA - JIS Z 2801: Against Beaumount Hospital MRSA Clinical Strain Independently tested by Crest according to JIS Z 2801

  • Log 10 reduction > 3: bactericidal, high bacterial kill, little or no growth observed 
  • Log 10 reduction < 3: bacteriostatic, low or moderate bacterial inhibition, growth observed. Bactericidal agents kill bacteria; bacteriostatic agents only slow their growth or reproduction. 

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