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VARNILUX is a very versatile wall finish ideal for use in public buildings and production plants where the emphasis is on durability and hygiene. VARNILUX can be used to advantage in processing rooms where food, beverages, medicines, cosmetics and medical appliances are produced. VARNILUX can also be used in operating theatres, kitchens and on walls surrounding a swimming pool as well as in toilets, stairwells, shower cubicles and shower rooms.
NO SEAMS: VARNILUX provides an impervious slightly textured wall or ceiling finish without seams or joins.

  • TOUGH: VARNILUX is physically tough and does not become brittle or lose its strength with age.
  • CHEMICALLY RESISTANT: VARNILUX is highly resistant to chemical attack.
  • STEAM CLEANABLE: VARNILUX can be cleaned by using a steam hose.
  • GRAFFITI: All the usual types of graffitti can be removed from VARNILUX with ease.
  • FOOD: VARNILUX does not taint food or drink.
  • ADHESION: The adhesive qualities of VARNILUX are so good it can be applied to glass and be virtually unmoveable.
  • MOULD: VARNILUX does not support mould growth.
  • COLOURS: VARNILUX is available in a wide range of mottled colours or in plain colours if required.
  • APPLICATION: The application of VARNILUX is carried out by our own trained, experienced staff.
  • BACKING FOR VARNILUX: For new work we recommend a sand and cement screed 3:1 without lime, finished smooth with a wood float. It can also be applied to good quality blockwork, gypsum plaster and mass concrete. In cases of reconstruction work it can be applied to old tiles, terrazzo, glazed brick and metal surfaces.

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